Meet the Vintners

Scott Mangelson – After moving to the Napa Valley 20 years ago, the culture of food and wine-making drew me to my roots.  Growing up amidst my family’s orchards and dairy farms, the love of nature’s goodness runs deep.  With a strong passion for food and wine, and a degree in microbiology, a wine-making adventure was inevitable.  Making world class wine has become one of my most invigorating endeavors.  And with 15 years of experience producing award-winning wines (consistently rated 90+ points), the adventure continues.

Heidi Bamburg Tucker – My passion for wine began as a young girl growing up in California.  My parents first introduced me to zinfandel, then other varietals, and I soon realized that wine was an essential part of each family meal and celebration.  Over the years, I’ve developed a love of Cab, Merlot, and other rich, bold red varietals.  Most importantly, I have enjoyed sharing wine with friends as I’ve traveled around the world.  Night reflects my passion for both wine and people together with the adventure and mystery that begins at sunset.

Our Philosophy

We are Night people. We love the Night and the adventure that comes to those who stay up past their bedtime. We love to walk in the vineyards under the moon and stars. One day, we hope to see the Northern Lights. We also love the lights and energy of the city at Night. In our travels, we’ve been fortunate to experience the Night life of many of the world’s most exciting cities.

We believe in working hard for the things that are important to you – and balancing work with family and friends to create a rich life. We draw our inspiration from people, like Meghan McLaughlin, who in the 1950’s said…  “For the happiest life, rigorously plan your days, and leave the night to chance.”

We created Night Wines to share our passion for wine and making unforgettable connections with people, food, and music…at Night.

Heidi and Scott live in both Napa and Kirkland, Washington where they spend time with their families biking, hiking, skiing, and experiencing the trendiest new restaurants and hidden bars.